Have just had some very exciting news from the BBC World Service – a second series of ‘Changing World, Changing Bodies’ has been given the green light to be transmitted, in over 200 countries, in early 2020.

In the first series, we went to Singapore, Kenya and Boston in the US to learn how our feet, backs and faces are being changed by modern life, and what we can do about it. Listen here. Or watch this short film.

In the second series we are going to be finding out about: height, longevity, sleep. Why have we grown by 5 inches in the last two hundred years? When will we stop? How long are humans supposed to live for? And why is it that the fittest and healthiest people on the planet have never been to a gym? How are we supposed to sleep? What is modern life doing to change our sleeping habits? Are mattresses really that good for us?

More, coming soon.