I am thrilled to announce my involvement with the Love Trials Festival upcoming Global Trail Running Day.


Our mission is to get more humans trail running because we believe it’s the best way to run and nothing else provides the same benefits to our bodies, to our minds, and even to the places that we run in. We think that Global Trail Running Day is going to be huge


The first Global Trail Running Day is on Saturday 19th September 2020 and we are looking for ambassadors: people that are as passionate about trail running as we are.


In exchange for some Global Trail Running goodies, ambassadors will agree to host a simple trail running event, or just run on the day. They will also get to be a part of the world’s first ever Global Trail Running Day.


If you’re interested in being a part of Global Trail Running Day you can sign up by emailing – info@lovetrailsfestival.co.uk.  Or going along to – www.globaltrailday.com 


More to follow soon


Hope to see you on the 19th!!!